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Micron's Rostock Delta Single extruder

The extruder is the most important part of your 3D printer. Today, most DIY 3D printer's extruders are based on 3D Printed parts. Inaccurate printed gears simply decrease printing quality, while working with plastic housing has temperature limitation. Some vendors offering cheap extruders with direct drive; however, these suffer from insufficient moment/pushing force. You can lose your print job after hours of printing because of force/friction changes during the pulling of material from the spool.

Micron is introducing a state of the art extruder. Our "All Metal design" is manufactured from aluminum 6061-T6 and stainless steel 303 at the highest tolerances of CNC machining.


The main advantages of Micron's extruder are:

  • Reliable design:  Enabling strong filament gripping - using high torque 1:13 gear motor and stainless steel 303 hobbed gear with special teeth profile.
  • Easy opening service door using captive screw. Idler springs preload does not change while opening and closing the door again.
  • Continuous idler bearing preload adjustment using 2 set screws.
  • Smooth filament feeding design that prevents the filament from being stuck after passing the hobbed gear.
  • Tested with PLA, ABS, Polycarbonate and PVA.
  •        A very  narrow foot print. 

        P/N: M3DPRSE1.75 for 1.75mm filament includes push-fit pneumatic fitting for OD 4 mm Teflon tube.

       P/N: M3DPRSE 3.0 for 3 mm filament includes push-fit pneumatic fitting for OD 6 mm Teflon tube.

        Single extruder feeding mechanism including gear step motor assembled and tested as seen on the attached PIC and drawing. Hot end is not included.