Prototypes and short run production

Micron never says no to small batch prototypes. Our prototype department

is set for low volume complex parts.


Full production machining

Micron state of the art CNC machine shop is set for full production.

We meet tight tolerances at competitive prices.


List of equipment:


Machines:                                                                                 Quantity:

YCM 102A 4 axis CNC machining center 1060x550x500 travel.        1
Topper 510T high speed CNC machining center.                               2

Topper 510T 4 axis high speed CNC machining center.                     2
Goodway TS-150 CNC lathe                                                               1
Pinnacle milling machine                                                                     2
Toss SN320-1000mm lathe                                                                 1



1000x800 precision granite table

Tesa height gauge
Digital Comparator