Breakthrough in 3D printing glass!

We at Micron3DP invented a new way to 3d print molten glass.This is the first time that glass has been printed in liquid hot form. Micron had succeeded in printing ‘soft’ glass at a temperature of 850 degrees, as well as borosilicate glass at a melting temperature of 1640 degrees Celsius!  There is a wide variety of glass 3D Printing applications, which are used in a variety of ways in the art industry, medicine, security, architecture, aerospace and many other areas.We are looking for a s...

Micron E.M.E unveils all-metal COBRA line of extruders, perfect for flexible filaments

3ders (and many others) have wrote great articles about our new Cobra line of extruders.Read more here!

GIANT 3D Printer uses Micron E.M.E Dual Extruder

A great article about our ALL METAL EXTRUDER at >>

A great article about our ALL MEAL EXTRUDER at LINK     X