Founded in 1998, Micron E.M.E. Ltd. is a one – stop shop for mechanical design, manufacturing and assembly, from concept through prototyping up to final production. At an early stage we realized that in order to provide our customers the fastest way to develop new products, we need to control the entire mechanical process in - house: Design, Manufacturing and Assembly .

Due to the fact that we own state of the art CNC machine shop, our engineers have developed unique expertise in design for manufacturing which means reduced product cost and easier assembly.

Micron specializes in products involving precision optics and precision motions.

Micron 3DP a subsidiary of Micron E.M.E Ltd specialize with the design manufacturing and assembly of high end extruders, hot ends and accessories for the hobby and professional 3d printing market.

Micron E.M.E. Ltd. - 19 Hasadan St. Hod-Hasharon 45318, Israel